About us

Founded in 1987, Advice Electronics the distributers of MEAN WELL in Israel has wide experience in power supply systems design and offers the best power solutions for the most attractive price.

Advice sales team brings the engineering experience in power field to our customers offices and ready to give technical support 24/7 for MEAN WELL products.

All products are available in Advice stock and can be delivered within few days. 

Advice represents several remarkable power supplies vendors, which are known by highest quality of their products, reliability and best in class products in the power field.

One of the leading power manufacturers is MEAN WELL, which has been Advice's partner for 30 years.
In the last few years MEAN WELL products became very popular worldwide due to the excellent product quality and due to the wide range of products, which are able provide the best power solution for any system.
Among MEAN WELL products are industrial power supplies, medical power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, LED drivers and green energy.

Large number of power systems designed in Advice comprises MEAN WELL  products.

The long term warranty that MEAN WELL offers for its products testify for the excellent products' quality.

All MEAN WELL products comply the world safety standards (UL, CE etc.)